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1000 Meere - Tokio Hotel

B: No, but really, I never understand why you don’t sing.
T: I could. As I said, my life would get too hectic. ;-)

"I said to Bill, let’s build a homestudio and make music every day the way we want it."

Did you choose the album release date (3. October) on purpose? Because of the re-unification of Germany?

Bill: Nope, I actually only noticed it when someone told me.
Tom: Are the stores actually open that day, so people can buy the CD?
Georg: No, that's the problem.
Tom: We released our album that day and no one can buy it?
Tokio Hotel logic


Tom’s fond level: E X T R E M E

Best of Tokio Hotel TV Season 03: Tom Kaulitz aka a Princess With a Beard


Q: All the world is talking about the changes in Tokio Hotel but.. What’s will never change?

TH: The band members.

So done.

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